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Check Out the North Shore Auto Group Difference:



North Shore Auto Group was created with you in mind...the customer! The entire concept of our store is built around customer satisfaction and happiness. Zero 'lemons' no smoke and mirrors or bait and switch, no uncertainty on pricing, no pressure ever. Take your time and enjoy the experience of shopping for your next vehicle in peace.



 All vehicles go through an 83 point UCI (Used Car Inspection) with our certified technician. 


♦  Whether online or at the store, we provide you with a Complimentary CarFax History Report.


 Zero pressure sales assistance. You will never feel 'sold'. In fact, for better or worse, we occasionally get criticized for being a little too 'laid back'. It's a             criticism we can live with. 😀


♦  All paperwork is simple, efficient and transparent. Once you say..."Yes! Make me an Owner!",  we typically have you in and out in less than 30 minutes.


  We promise to provide you with honest and objective answers to all your questions. 


♦  A relaxed and comfortable environment to do business in. After taking your test drive, you will need to take a moment to make sure your are making the           right decision.